Overview of Boarding

St. Louis Christian Academy prides itself on having a family like community of learners in our boarding program. With students and faculty from all over the globe, our community provides a cultural experience that can not be duplicated in a traditional non-boarding school environment. Our boarders become family with each other and the faculty allowing for a deeper bond and learning experience. Our faculty has the opportunity to engage our boarding students on a more personal level while building bonds and mentorship that strengthen the education process and last a life time.

Each of our homes, in our housing system, boasts a full time staff member that is there to mentor, guide, and tutor the students throughout the school year.  Everything from weekly runs to the store or Farmers Market, to making sure the home is organized with weekly to do list should be expected for each member of the housing community. Our homes are communities within themselves where servitude, responsibility, and compassion are learned and encouraged daily.

Please direct all boarding questions to Director of SLCA boarding, Casey Autenrieth at: cautenrieth@slcacougars.org