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At St. Louis Christian Academy, we take pride in customizing the learning experience for our diverse community of learners. With an average 10:1 student to teacher ratio in each of our college preparatory classes, each student is challenged to meet their full potential at their individual academic level. Under the watchful eye of our faculty and staff, students are led to maximize their understanding of the material presented.

With over 63 years of educational experience specializing in each student’s unique abilities, it is the goal of SLCA to focus on the four core academic areas: Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.  Utilizing the ability based approach for each of the classes offered, allows each of our community of learners to be challenged in their own unique way while preparing to further their education in a university setting.

We empower each of our students to become life-long learners in all areas including: character development, faith, and service to the community. Our prayer is that each of our graduates will have the tools and desires to meet their full potential in a purpose driven life.